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Texans air their opinions about electricity: Survey shows overwhelming support for wind energy development in the state

AUSTINTX – As Texans consider plans and options for additional electricity sources to meet consumer demand, voters overwhelmingly support wind energy development in the state and believe that wind generated energy should be part of Texas’ overall electricity mix, according to results from a statewide survey released  today. 

The statewide survey of 809 Texas voters was conducted January 16-18, 2007, by Promark Research, headquartered in Houston and commissioned by FPL Energy, the state’s largest producer of wind energy. The survey provided several key findings about energy among Texas voters including:

  • 86 percent said that the state should support the development of additional electricity sources;
  • 90 percent believe that wind energy should be a part of the state’s power generation portfolio; and
  • 93 percent support further development of wind energy in the state.


In addition to strong support for wind energy in Texas, the survey also found that Texas voters recognize the state is facing serious environmental issues:

  • Nearly seven out of every 10 agree that global warming and pollution are a problem in their areas;
  • More than six out of every 10 believe that water contamination from chemicals and pollutants is a problem in their areas; and
  • More than half said that emissions from power plants are a problem in their areas.


“These survey results clearly indicate that Texans are concerned about their environment and recognize that wind energy is an important part of the state’s power generation mix,” said Eric Silagy, vice president of business management for FPL Energy.

According to the survey, Texans view wind energy as the most environmentally friendly form of electricity in the state and the best way to meet the state’s power needs.

“Wind is a clean, renewable source of energy that emits no pollutants into the air or water,” said Silagy. “Although wind power alone cannot meet all the energy needs of Texas consumers, it can and should play a greater role in helping us achieve energy independence and improving the environment.”

Wind farms produce a clean and renewable source of emission-free energy which does not impact the air and water. In 2006, FPL Energy’s 11 wind farms in Texas generated more than 3.6 million megawatt hours of electricity and offset fossil-fueled power generation emissions totaling more than 2.3 million tons of carbon dioxide, more than 5,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and over 2,000 tons of nitrogen oxide that would have been released into the environment.

To achieve the same carbon dioxide reduction, Texas would have to remove more than half a million cars from its roads.

For specific survey questions and data, please see the appendix to the news release.


FPL Energy is a leading competitive energy supplier utilizing clean fuels such as natural gas, wind, solar, hydroelectric and nuclear to generate electricity. It is the world’s leader in wind energy, with 49 wind facilities in operation in 15 states. It is a subsidiary of FPL Group, (NYSE: FPL) one of the nation's largest providers of electricity-related services with annual revenues of nearly $16 billion. FPL Group's principal subsidiary is Florida Power & Light Company, one of the nation's largest electric utilities, serving 4.4 million customer accounts in Florida. Additional information is available at www.FPLEnergy.comwww.FPLGroup.comand

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