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FPL Energy to change name to NextEra Energy Resources
Clean energy leader will mark debut by becoming the Official Renewable Energy Provider of Daytona International Speedway and Homestead-Miami Speedway

JUNO BEACH, Fla. – FPL Energy is beginning its next era.

The FPL Group (NYSE: FPL) subsidiary is being renamed NextEra Energy Resources to better reflect its clean energy mission and market focus.

NextEra Energy Resources debuts with an enviable market position as one of the largest competitive energy suppliers in the United States. Its portfolio of more than 16,900 megawatts includes power generation facilities in 25 states and Canada.

A leader in providing energy from clean and renewable fuels, it is the largest producer of wind and solar energy in North America. The company currently has more than 6,300 megawatts of wind generation in operation, or enough to power more than 1.5 million average homes. It also is the largest generator of solar thermal power in the world. The company co-owns and operates seven solar plants in California’s Mojave Desert, which collectively form the world’s largest solar site. In all, the company operates 310 megawatts of solar power.

NextEra Energy Resources incorporates clean, emissions-free nuclear power into its portfolio through 88 percent ownership of the Seabrook Station in New Hampshire; a 70 percent interest in the Duane Arnold Energy Center in Iowa; and 100 percent ownership of Point Beach Nuclear Plant in Wisconsin.  The FPL Group nuclear fleet, including nuclear assets of Florida Power & Light Company, is the third largest in the United States.

In addition, the company offers customized renewable energy solutions that enable customers to participate in the development of new renewable energy projects and to offset their own carbon footprint.

“Today, with growing concern about global climate change and the need for more domestic sources of energy, it is no longer ‘business as usual’ in our industry. Solutions of the past will not suffice to meet the energy and climate challenges we face today,” said NextEra Energy Resources President and CEO Mitch Davidson. “Our new name – NextEra Energy Resources – reflects our focus on clean energy solutions and provides us with a strong brand platform to grow our business now and into the future.”

NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, remains an FPL Group, Inc., company. During the course of 2009, the NextEra Energy Resources name will be rolled out to various operating company subsidiaries of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC. 

Along with the name change, the company has adopted a new logo, visual identity and Web site, which

Company to be Official Renewable Energy Provider of Daytona International Speedway and Homestead-Miami Speedway 
To mark the debut of the new brand, NextEra Energy Resources is launching a five-year partnership agreement to be the Official Renewable Energy Provider of the Daytona 500 and 19 other motorsports events held at Daytona International Speedway and Homestead-Miami Speedway. The agreement includes sponsorship of the NextEra Energy Resources 250 race at Daytona on Feb. 13.

As part of the agreement, International Speedway Corporation, parent company of Daytona and Homestead-Miami Speedway, will purchase renewable energy certificates from NextEra Energy Resources that will help fund a number of renewable energy projects, including the development of wind and solar energy plants.

“We are thrilled by the future opportunity of this unprecedented partnership,” said Daytona International Speedway President Robin Braig.  “Given NextEra Energy Resources track record of generating electricity from renewable sources for more than 20 years, we now have a strong partner to help us identify future opportunities to operate more efficiently.” 

About NextEra Energy Resources
NextEra Energy Resources is a clean energy leader and one of the largest competitive energy suppliers in North America. A subsidiary of Juno Beach, Fla.-based FPL Group (NYSE: FPL), NextEra Energy Resources is the largest generator in North America of renewable energy from the wind and sun. It operates clean, emissions-free nuclear power generation facilities in New Hampshire, Iowa and Wisconsin as part of the FPL Group nuclear fleet, which is the third largest in the U.S. FPL Group had 2007 revenues of more than $15 billion, approximately 38,000 megawatts of generating capacity, and more than 15,000 employees in 27 states and Canada. For more information, visit these Web sites:

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